Why EGC ?

Since foundation in 1998, egc has established itself as a brand that brings convenient & stylish living solutions for its clients to make their live more comfortable and more enjoyable. Over the period of 12 years, egc has evolved in a brand that is synonymous of quality lifestyle furnishing.

Experience & integrity that echo the philosophy

12 years of experience in home furnishing and unmatched integrity has made us first choice for our 4000+ loyal clientele. They put faith on us and we in turn serve them with our full capacity.

A passionate team that makes the difference

The organizational skills of the founding partners – Rahul Batra and Amit Papneja and the managerial qualities of our team, have all helped the company to grow and expand. We have now virtuoso of this business with infrastructure to provide sales & service for all range of furniture in India. Now, we want to take a next step in our journey of triumph.

Our commitment that never fails

Our commitment and customer service have helped us achieve the kind of success that speak for itself. We have been able to earn this through our committed customer friendly professional approach in our work that is providing instant tailored made home furnishing solutions. For us satisfaction of customer is our real earning.

Bringing quality, sense and simplicity

Our association with the prestigious company AR-TRE has brought more professionalism and quality of work in our daily activities and services. With the support of the company we are able to fulfill customer requirements with the latest possible furnishing solution available in the world.

Going and growing with the time

egc brings latest solutions of home furnishing for the bestowed clients. We are growing with the developing of new technologies and trying to keep ahead the times, even in terms of environmental impact and protection in the furnishing sector.

Need Help?

Call us on +91-9711861916 (Mr. Mahesh Narula) or email us at


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